Touch Top Tips - Week 9

Ellie Parker

Photos, Lodgement and Payment

In this week's Touch Top Tips we will be looking at taking photos without a flash, lodgement and payment.

Taking photos without a flash

Maybe you have come across this scenario: you're in a property gathering your evidence and you decide to venture into the dark of the loft space... only to remember that your tablet doesn't have a flash! This can be very frustrating but there are ways around it. 

NES Touch allows you to take photographs on your phone or camera and transfer the images onto your device and into the app. However, as an alternative, portable plug-in lights are available for iPad and Android devices which make it possible to take photographs in dark areas.

We have currently only tested one of these products, the Mudder Portable Mini LED for iPad, however other models are available.

Lodgement and the importance of keeping the app open

If you are lodging an EPC to the Central Register or uploading photographs from the app to NES one, you will need to ensure the app remains open and active in this time. 

If the screen goes black, or you minimise or close the app, then the data transfer will stop until the next time your app is open and connected to the internet.


As you may know, when using the app your first 30 days are free so you do not pay an additional charge on top of your usual lodgement fees. You can select to lodge and pay for your reports via your own personal account, or a corporate account if you are working on behalf of a company.

After the initial 30 days, you will automatically be charged an additional fee of £1 per EPC. If you are lodging reports via a corporate account then the £1 fee will be charged to your own personal account and your usual lodgement fee will be charged to the corporate account. This £1 NES Touch charge can be paid through a corporate account provided the corporate account holder has contacted the NES membership team to confirm this.

We hope this issue of NES Touch Top Tips has been useful. If there is something you would like to know about NES Touch which you feel would benefit other users, please contact us at


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