Maximise your ECO scores with ECO Optimiser

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Lee Brooks

Are you confident that you’re getting the highest ECO scores for the measures you’re installing?

You may be surprised to learn that the order in which you score the ECO measures applied to a dwelling can influence the total cost and carbon score. And that guessing the optimum order is not as easy as you might at first think!

NES ECO Online now includes a powerful new feature that lets you quickly find the order of measures that achieves maximum funding, at the touch of a button.

While testing this new feature, our team at NES have discovered that the optimum order can differ quite a lot, even between what would appear to be fairly similar properties.

For example, in one detached house the optimum order was: (1) qualifying boiler, (2) cavity fill, (3) loft insulation. In the other, the optimum order was (1) cavity fill, (2) loft insulation, (3) qualifying boiler. In these two examples, using the Optimiser feature increased the total ECO score by 12.0% in one case and 2.7% in the other.

The ECO Optimiser feature will help you maximise income at various stages:

  • At the project planning stage, when you can influence the order in which measures are installed
  • When multiple measures have been installed on the same day and you have total control over the order in which the measures are scored
  • When multiple measures being scored are reported as having the same date of completion.

It does this by assessing every possible combination of the measures, calculating the ECO score for each of these combinations, and displaying the optimum order to you. You can choose whether to optimise for cost or carbon score.

As the feature is so quick to use, we advise ECO Online customers to use Optimiser every time before you finalise the scores for any package of measures.

The Optimiser functionality is already included with ECO Online for every user at no extra cost, though you can enable or disable it as you choose from user to user.

ECO Optimiser is available exclusively to users of ECO Online.

To get access to ECO Online and its powerful Optimiser feature, give us a ring on 01908 442244 or click the button below to request a call from us.



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