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We’re often asked by our energy assessor customers how they can expand their careers into broader residential surveying – either valuations or condition surveys. We have also found that some wish to become members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  

However, it can be a real challenge to become a member of RICS or find your way into valuations. Although routes to membership exist, they are usually designed for people with university degrees. If you want to further your career but a university degree is just not an option, then joining RICS can prove almost impossible. 

But now we have exciting news! If you want to take your career further and have ambitions in the fields of Residential Surveying and Valuation, at last there is a solution. 

Starting in September, we will offer the Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation. This qualification will give you direct access to RICS as an Associate Member. 

The diploma is a level 6 vocational qualification (equivalent to a university degree in terms of academic rigour) and is designed with you in mind. Using both classroom and distance learning delivered through modern technology, the course will teach you everything else you need to know to become a successful residential surveyor and valuer. 

This endeavour is has been buoyed by a great endorsement from Peter Bolton King, the global residential director at RICS:

“The Diploma provides a new and sensible route into residential surveying and valuation for new entrants that wish to concentrate their careers in these fields. The increasing demand for surveys and valuations is stretching the available resource of qualified professionals and the new qualification is extremely timely. We look forward to welcoming many of the people that achieve this new qualification into the RICS fold.”

This is a really exciting time for the surveying world and opens a world of possibilities for energy assessors. 

The Diploma and AssocRICS membership will be recognised by many surveying practices as the standard required to undertake valuation surveys.

Achieving the Diploma will also allow learners to practice as a residential surveyor and undertake Home Condition Surveys through either the SAVA or BRE schemes.

The new Diploma is a unique collaboration between ourselves, ABBE, RICS, the Property Standards Surveying Board and the Residential Property Surveyors Association. 

SAVA is working with Bluebox Partners on this qualification. Very well known and respected in the residential surveying profession, Bluebox have brought real industry insight to the qualification.

The Diploma will equip you with all you need to know to have a successful career in residential surveying and valuation. Modules include: Building Pathology, Construction, Law, Inspecting Property, Condition Masterclass, Report Writing, Professional Issues, Assessing Services, Energy, and Valuation. 

If you’re interested then please come to our Open Day on the 24th July. We will have a range of employers and other organisations who will be able to describe what your career might look like if you have the Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation, and the letters AssocRICS after your name. 

RICS, Legal & General, Countrywide, eSurv and the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) are currently booked to attend and you’ll also be able to discuss the Diploma with the SAVA and Bluebox team. 

To book a place at the Open Day, click here.

This Diploma is not going to be for everyone – it’s going to take a lot of work – but for those who are dedicated, it’s going to open up many new opportunities in the broader surveying world.

We’re planning just two intakes a year, one in September and one in February. The September 2014 intake will be specifically for practicing energy assessors who wish to develop their career.

Full details will go live on our website in the next two weeks. In the meantime you can phone us on 01908 442158 for a chat, we know that you will want to find out as much as possible before making any commitment.

We look forward to seeing you at the Open Day.



I would like to know how much the course costs, how long it should take to complete and where the classes are held.
I would also like to know when you anticipate accepting non energy assessors onto the course.

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