Green Deal Figures for December 2013


The DECC has released the monthly statistics for Green Deal up until the end of December 2013 (including information on GD Assessments, plans, cashback and the GD supply chain), and for ECO up to the end of November 2013.

Green Deal - to 31st December 2013

GD Dec chart

They show that 129,842 Green Deal Assessments have been completed and lodged in total, up from 117,454 at end of November 2013. Green Deal figures for December alone are down 21% from November; however, this is likely due to the Christmas period.

There were 1,612 Green Deal Plans in progress for individual properties as at the end of December, compared to 1,478 at the end of November. Of these, 493 were ‘new’ Green Deal Plans, 493 had moved to ‘pending’ and 626 were ‘live’, meaning all measures had been installed.

10,563 cashback vouchers had been issued to the end of December and 8,773 of these have been paid following installation of measures, with a value of approximately £2.5 million. As was the case with previous months, the majority have been for boiler replacements.

There were 461,726 measures installed under ECO until the end of November 2013. The number of measures installed is up 14% from the number of measures installed in October 2013. The majority of all measures installed under ECO were for cavity wall insulation (33%), boiler upgrades (32%) and loft insulation (26%). To date £347 million worth of contracts have also been let through the ECO brokerage system up to the end of December 2013.ECO - to 30th November 2013In December, the number of Green Deal Assessors increased to 2972 from the 2855 recorded in November and the number of Green Deal Advice Organisations increased to 331 from 314.

The full report can be found here.


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