Goodbye Deanshanger - hello Winslow!

Ellie Parker
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Hilary Grayson


Deanshanger has served us well. For those of you who don't know, Deanshanger has been a great training house where countless RDSAP trainees have had they first encounter with alternative walls and secondary heating systems, heat loss perimeters and loft insulation. Countless other surveyors have done home condition survey and building survey masterclasses at the property. They have considered and analysed its damp, its movement, the render, the state of the roof, the state of the valley gutter (don't ask!), the need or otherwise for a French drain, the state of the drains (another one where you don't ask!) and generally surveyed it to within an inch of its life. Deanshanger

We have probably squeezed every possible training opportunity out of that house over the years. But all good things must come to an end...

Deanshanger was a rented property and the owners - who have been in the United States for many years now - decided that, with the upturn in the housing market, the time had come to sell the house. 

So we've moved!

We could have gone for the easy option. Milton Keynes, being only 40 years old, is full of modern and brand new property. Had we wanted to rent a modern box then there were many available to us. However, we did not want a modern box because where's the fun in that?! Or, more truthfully, where is the training potential in that? Instead, we wanted to find a property that offered all the training opportunities that we enjoyed at Deanshanger. 

So, the search began. We needed a property that could really challenge energy and surveying professionals. We needed a property close to the office so that learners could travel to and from the property with ease. And, lastly, we needed a property with enough space for a lot of people to be moving around at the same time.

Now, after a lengthy search, we think we have found something that is even better! It is a mid terrace (but don't let that fool you) property in Winslow. Winslow is a small market town south of Buckingham, to the west of Milton Keynes. It takes 10-15 minutes to get to the house from the office. The house itself is about 100 years old (actually, I know exactly how old it is, but if I tell you that, it will be one less thing for you to find out if you come on one of our courses) and has some very interesting features from both an energy and a surveying perspective.

We are already planning a new masterclasses that we can hold at the house; some are already in the diary and some are still at the planning stage. If you are a building surveyor or a home condition surveyor, this will present new challenges. If you are a domestic energy assessor and you need some CPD hours, or you really want to understand some challenging conventions, then this will be the house for you.

We will also be using this house as a training property for our Domestic Energy Assessor training course. So if you are booked onto one of our DEA courses, you will be visiting very soon! 


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