The election campaign in your area


Yesterday (April 20) was the deadline for nominations for Parliamentary candidates for the upcoming general election. We now know all the candidates in each constituency, and we have the opportunity to ask questions of them about their views on their parties’ policy commitments relating to HIPs and EPCs.

We’ve drafted some text that you can use to contact your local Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates and seek their views on areas such as:

  • Scrapping HIPs, and the effects this will have on the domestic EPC market
  • Improving EPC compliance in the rental and commercial sectors
  • The recommendations from our ‘Seizing the Opportunity’ report, which looked at the recommendations contained within the EPC
  • Inclusion of a condition survey within the HIP

Download the draft text here. Remember: your letter will have more impact if you take the time to personalise it to reflect your particular circumstances and professional interests.

**UPDATE: As Mike Jackson has pointed out in the comments below, the Green party have no plans to scrap HIPs and are very supportive of the EPC. You may wish to read their manifesto for more information, and to contact local candidates using the methods outlined below.**

Finding out about your local candidates

If you would like to find out more about the candidates in your constituency, visit the BBC website and enter your postcode in the box on the right hand side. This will give you the names of the candidates, as well as some supporting information about the constituency and previous results.

There are several websites that will give you contact details of the candidates. One such site is Your Next MP. Enter your postcode and click on a name to get their contact information.

Key marginal seats

In addition, the HIP Reform Group (HRG) and AHIPP have both asked that we let Members know about two websites that are trying to coordinate campaign action in certain key marginal seats. The objectives of those running the websites is clearly to prevent a Conservative party win in these areas. The two websites are:

We understand that members can get involved helping with leaflet drops and supporting local events, in order to highlight the damage that scrapping HIPs will do to your livelihood, both directly and by undermining the EPC market.

The sudden and unexpected change of Liberal Democrat policy on HIPs in their manifesto means that you may want to challenge their candidate on their views on this policy before committing to support them, although preventing a Conservative majority will reduce the likelihood of HIPs being scrapped anyway.

We would encourage all NHER and SAVA members to contact the candidates in your area and to find out their views on the key policies that will directly influence you over the coming years. Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure that your representative knows your views.



Great letters, thanks. I'll let you know what responses I get.


I am a DEA and also standing for parliament myself for the Green Party!! (in East Yorkshire). I'd just like to point out that the Green Party supports the continuation of HIP packs and obviously is very keen on the EPC. Both Conservative and Lib Dem manifesto say that they will scrap the HIP so consider voting Green!


@Mike: Thanks for the note about the Green party. We've updated the blog post to make this more prominent and to direct readers to their website for more info.